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Archasm is proud to present the WINNERS and HONORABLE MENTIONS, along with a comprehensive list of the TOP 50 proposals shortlisted by the jury for ‘HYDE PARK LIBRARY LONDON’ competition. The competition received an overwhelming 378 registrations from all around the world and was a great hit among students and architects alike. The competition demanded a stimulating and exciting approach towards the design of a LIBRARY at Hyde Park in London. The proposals were a beaming example of innovation and fulfilled our expectations from an ideas’ competition. All the participants’ have shown a breathtaking level of creativity and extraordinary approaches in designing a new park-library prototype.


Seounghyun Cheon, Jihyeon Min (South Korea)

The proposal appears at first to be a conventional architectural response to the brief and its parkland setting. However, within its orthodox exterior, the building creates a ‘hidden world’; a new park with an apparently infinite horizon and endless bookshelves. Like the experience generated reading a novel, a new “boundless” world is unveiled by the imagination that is not limited by physical size or location.

Terry Pawson

An inspirational concept, learning outdoors amongst the trees. The 10m high Atrium space has a glass ceiling to let in light, and retains existing trees – which would need pruning if they got close to the roof! Grass is shown on the floor surface, in practice this would be difficult to maintain once trafficked, however the overall feel of the design intent is light-filled and natural.

Adrian Welch


Agata Balikowska (Poland)


Miriana Kostova, Bernd Bartoz Jan Wroblewski, Daniel Lechler (Germany)


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